Friday, April 11, 2014

Land of the Free rules officially announced and Wargames Factory British plastics preview

Hello everyone. The Land of the Free miniature wargaming rules have officially been posted for pre-order on several websites including Random House, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, BooksAMillion, and McNally Robinson. Here is the front cover of the book. I am very excited about this project as Wargames Factory just posted their first picture of the British line box set.

The book will be released as a hardback on October 21, 2014 and hopefully over the coming months I will be able to leak some rules information and share some content. 

The first pictures show a nice variety of poses and beautifully painted by Matthew Leahy. From left to right: A line officer of the 22nd Regiment of Foot, a hatman firing, a hatman priming and loading, a hatman tearing the cartridge, a hatman at the recover, a sergeant halting the soldiers.


  1. Hi Krone,
    Very nice blog!
    I'm just started a project about AWI with Perry minis and Perfect Captain rules, but very interested in Land of the Free
    I have just 1 question, basing is for single figure (skirmish style) or multiple figures on the same base (I 'm basing 4 on a base, in two rows.
    Thanks for your answer and good luck

  2. Giuseppe,

    Thank you very much and congratulations on starting your new project. AWI is a fantastic time period with a wide variety of uniforms, a mix of troop quality, and some great battlefield design opportunities. The rules systems is pretty flexible allowing the gamers to use their existing range or base their miniatures how they see fit. So your basing system of 4 miniatures per base in two rows will fit in perfectly. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you on the blog.

    Joe Krone