Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ironheart Artisans token sets available for purchase

Having worked for two gaming companies that offered a full range of products from miniatures, books, tokens, and paints I wanted to try and emulate that business model without the finances or backing of a company. I reached out to several manufacturers in the gaming industry with the hopes of bringing together their knowledge and resources to offer a full range of products. Ironheart Artisans as previously discussed in an earlier article has produced and released a range of markers to compliment the Land of the Free rules system. Check them out by clicking on the links for each item below. The links will take you right to the webstore.

Acrylic Wound Markers

Land of the Free Game Complete Token Set

Land of the Free Game Token Set

Facebook Group created and book is coming soon!!!!

Hello everyone. It has been some time since my last post and I have been ramping up my miniature painting in preparation for the release of Land of the Free. Initially the book was going to hit the shelves in the latter half of October but it has been pushed back to early November. Not a huge delay but still in time for the holidays and hopefully those fall gaming conventions around the globe.

I created a Facebook Group in order for anyone interested in having up-to-date, instantaneous conversations for anything related to the book, hobby, history, etc. I will continue to use the blog to post battle reports, painting and hobby articles, scenarios, etc. and draw a link to the articles on the Facebook page. This way the articles will be easier to find rather than scrolling through all the posts in the group.

I am hoping to go to Fall In this November in Lancaster, PA but its a long drive from Atlanta. It will be nice and a lot of fun to run some games at the show so perhaps I will find a way.

Here is a shot of the cover of the book: