Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wargames Factory announces American Revolution product range

Well, it is official and I no longer need to bite my lip any longer. For the past year Wargames Factory has been very quietly designing 6 brand new plastic sets for the American Revolutionary War and on Friday, April 4th they posted a very clever teaser showing the artwork for the box set. The picture was in the guise of a puzzle but once assembled you can see the artwork and contents of the box set. 30 miniatures will be contained in the British box but no news has been announced regarding the poses or the make-up of the soldiers. Over the coming weeks I am sure Wargames Factory will make more announcements and I am very excited about starting my brand new all plastic AWI forces.

For more information check out their website and follow the news on the forum.

I will also post what news I can on this blog as well.


  1. Hi fella,

    Been a big AWI fan since I started gaming in the late eighties, collected metal armies and sod them 4 times over and am about to go for a fifth :)

    I have played mostly in 28mm and with the advent of plastic I thought I may end up actually keeping an army or two now, altho I though that of the plastic WOTR that sold so easily on the bring and buy stand last year lol

    Have also been a play tester with Rich Jones of many a Ruleset, including Muskets & Tomahawks and SAGA, altho Rich is by far the lead in the testing I can usually put in my 20cents worth :)

    Anyway good luck with the project and fingers crossed the WF stuff can compete with quality of Perrys stuff over here in the UK. The six boxes is intriguing tho and I can't wait to see more plastic sets that complete projects


  2. Thanks for the comment Shaun and welcome to the blog. There is going to be tons of information posted on this blog so if you like this time period then stay tuned.

    You play with some very talented writers and I am aspiring to be a games designer so I hope my rules can live up to everyone's expectations.

    I think you will be very happy with what WF has to offer and I respect the Perry's very much having worked with them and having bought tons of their miniatures over the years. I have gotten to know the WF team and I felt they would respect the time period and do our fore fathers proud. :) AWI is probably my favorite time period and I really like what I have seen of the miniatures so far.

    Hope to see more of your comments in the future and welcome aboard.

    Joe Krone

  3. Hi Joe,
    I wish you all the best in your joint-venture with WF. A great idea for an interesting time period. Looking forward to seeing some more in-depth info on the subject. Will follow your blog here and the discussions in the WF forum.
    Haven't delved too deep into the time period yet. Maybe you could make some suggestions on books that are worth having a look at?

  4. Thanks Joerg. I am very excited for upcoming 12-18 months and I hope to attend a few shows and conventions to run some games featuring WF and my rules. I think that would be good fun.

    Honestly, there are a ton of books available ranging from the politics of the day, strategic overviews of the wars, and personal diaries from the men in the field. I think deciding which campaign you find the most fascinating and then you can narrow down the books from there. You have the war broken down into the following campaigns:

    Early War (Massachusetts)
    New York Campaign
    Saratoga Campaign
    Philadelphia Campaign
    Southern Campaign

    There are others but those are the biggest ones.

    If you want to have a really good idea of the war from the British, Hessian, and American perspective then check out these books:

    Private Yankee Doodle, by J.P. Martin
    A Hessian Diary of the American Revolution, by Johann Conrad Doehla translated by Bruce Burgoyne
    A British Soldiers Story, by Roger Lamb's edited by Don Hagist
    With Musket & Tomahawk, by Michael Logusz
    1776, by David McCullough
    The Fort, by Bernard Cornwell