Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I have had a passion for history since my days in high school and I only learned about miniature wargaming through an incredibly weird happenstance in college. I managed a video games store that traded and sold used games and systems when a customer walked in hoping to sell some toy soldiers. I thought they were interesting and offered to buy them for myself thinking I could assemble them much like when I was a child putting together model airplanes and cars. After work I took them to the local hobby shop and asked them to educate me on what I just bought and 60 minutes and $100.00 later I walked out of the store with the games starter set. That was over twenty years ago and I haven't looked back since.

During my past twenty years I ended up working for the very same company that hooked me into miniature wargames and learned an awful lot about the industry and business. I spent most of my career organizing the very events that I attended during my journey along this great hobby and although my initial experiences were in the fantasy and science fiction market I found myself always gravitating back to real history. My heart and passion lead me on a new path of discovery as I was introduced to historical reenacting or living history. There is no greater feeling than educating our youth about history and how it impacts our lives today. During this time I found a new opportunity working with another gaming company but this time they sold primarily historical wargames.

2nd Pennsylvania Regiment at the Valley Forge encampment

My hunger and desire to learn more and participate more in the hobby only grew as I worked with a company that allowed me to talk about history on a daily basis. The next logical step for me was to become more involved in the creative aspect of the hobby. I had to be realistic with myself that I can't draw, sculpt, or paint in 2D but I have had some experience with writing and painting toy soldiers. So, here we are in 2014 and I have decided to create a blog showcasing my journey along a new path as I collect, assemble, paint, and hopefully game with my new collections of 18th and 19th century North American armies.

I may jump around between projects and there may be inconsistency in the posting times but in the end I hope to present a great resource for existing gamers, new hobbyists, and fans of history. I plan to provide assembly and painting guides, army building tips, historical references, battle reports, and maybe even some good old fashioned historical articles.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy producing it.



  1. Good luck with your blog, looking forward to following your progress.


  2. Thanks for the post and words of encouragement. This should be a fun adventure and I am glad you jumped on for the ride.

  3. Mr. Krone,

    This looks like a very exciting project you are undertaking. I have collected and played with miniatures for several years, although all of my collections so far have been fantasy and sci-fi (LOTR, WFB, Battletech, and Star Wars by WEG). I've been thinking a lot about getting into historical minis, as I am a history buff myself and see them as a good way to interest my young sons in history. I'd been debating between "getting into" either Muskets and Tomahawks or Bolt Action later this year, but now that I see your new offering, I will definitely be giving it serious consideration. Thanks for your blog, I will look forward to following it.

    Best of luck to you with your new enterprise,


  4. Thanks Drew for the comments I hope you enjoy the blog. Please subscribe if you haven't already so it will send you updates when I post new articles. The articles should be more enjoyable when the miniatures are released. I am patiently awaiting that day so I can build new armies. :)

    I think with a name like Burgoyne you absolutely should get into the American Revolution and teach your son the connection between your name, a famous General, and how that one man and his decisions shaped the fate of America. Good luck and if you ever need help or suggestions don't hesitate to write. I think all the games you have played and are interested in are great systems and have enough support in the marketplace to keep you happy.