Thursday, May 22, 2014

8 Customized Dice available on Kickstarter (English, French, Scottish, Irish, American, Native American)

We are 8 days into the Kickstarter so why not make 8 different dice available to the public. I recently added 5 more dice to the mix that can be added to existing orders. So to date with have the following dice:

The first three sets are available for purchase and once purchased backers may add-on the other dice.

More to come. If the Kickstarter reaches $3000.00 it will unlock the Hessian Flag die which looks something like this:

Tell your friends and I hope you pledge and enjoy your new dice.


  1. Joe, glad the KS campaign was a success!

    (now, how back to previews/info on your up-coming rules & such)

  2. How can I purchase these dice now that the kick starter is over?