Sunday, June 22, 2014

2nd Maryland Regiment command stand painted

Here is my first command stand completed painted for my 2nd Maryland Regiment. The highlights are a lot more drastic than I usually paint but I honestly believe they will look great on the table from the typical 3-4 feet distance that most players will view them from. I am currently considering my options on how I want to do my flags. I usually order my flags from the Flag Dude but I am reluctant to cut away the plastic banner and drill holes for the metal banner pole that comes with the flag. The nice thing about the metal banner pole is I will never have to worry about it breaking so I will continue to mull over the idea. In the meantime, I will continue my progress on the 2nd Maryland as well as some British light infantry, 43rd of Foot, 9th Virginia Regiment, and about 60+ militia. 

I am in the process of looking for a new home so updates and progress may slow down over the next month but I will continue to post when I have something to show. 

I am teaching myself how to make painting tutorial videos as well as rules tutorials which I hope to start posting after my move sometime in August. 

If anyone is interested in knowing what colors I am using I will be happy to share and will probably post some simple painting guides over the next few weeks. They will serve as a guide for any new hobbyists as well as a reminder for me so I don't forget how I painted units. :)



  1. They look nicely done up close, but will really deliver that visual feedback needed at tabletop viewing distance too. I have a friend who paints wonderfully, and his stuff looks great in near-camera's all lost at gaming distances (instead I feel his figs could use greater color/light differentiation for gaming, but I'll never tell him that). ;)

  2. They look very very good Sir.

    I have just picked up the Wargames Factory sets that are currently available at a show in the UK. Having unpacked them I thought I would have a look and see if I could find any painted examples on the web and have stumbled on your site. Very impressed with your painting I am too since I know how much a close up really shows any issues.

    So looking forward to seeing any painting guides you may care to share.

    By the way as a side issue and just to show what a small world it is I first heard of your rules about 20 minutes ago on the Wargames Factory Forum in a post stating that they had published a review in Wargames Illustrated. 2 hours ago I was talking to the Sub Editor of that self same magazine!!!

    All the best and looking forward to getting a copy of your rules


  3. Andrew, welcome aboard and thanks for the comments. I will be posting painting guides as well as instructional videos. I am still learning how to make the videos so they will come in time. The painting guides are easier to do. :)

    It is a small world indeed and this is one of the reasons why I am active on several websites and forums because you never know who is following what and I want both the WGF miniatures and my rulebook to be successful.

    I hope you enjoy both the book and the new toy soldiers. Lots more information to come down the pipeline so keep an eye out. You can also join the Land of the Free Facebook Group if you are on Facebook.